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Spring Beauty Trends for 2018 to Try Right Now

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We’re just a few weeks away from the official start of spring. But let’s be honest, living in Boca Raton, Florida we all know it’s practically spring now. We’re lucky enough to have warmer weather that allows us to jump right into the season’s latest trends early. These looks will have you at the forefront of cutting-edge fashion all the way until the summer starts to sizzle.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite beauty trends from hair to makeup in Boca Raton, FL for spring 2018 to share with you today.

Oct 4 Fifth Pic

Pop of color lids- During New York Fashion Week many designers, including Marc Jacobs and Tracy Reese sent their models down the runway with colorful lids. Think turquoise, lime green, and punchy pink tones. We know, in real life these looks can look a bit dramatic, but there’s a way to make this trend wearable. With our tropical surroundings, this look can easily be achieved here in South Florida. We recommend swapping your go-to black/brown liner for a bright color. For a subtle look, apply the color on your water line. To make a statement rim the top and bottom of your lash lines.

The low pony- When it comes to hair, the low pony was everywhere on the runway. We spotted several interpretations of the look, with a slightly off centered low pony being one of the most common. To give this look an added level of chic, consider pairing it with a side part.

Fresh face- A healthy glowing face is always in style. Countless designers went with a bare skin look, which can be easier said than done. The trick to beautiful skin doesn’t start with makeup, it starts with skincare. Getting regular facials is a great way to perfect your canvas. It helps to even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, and gives you the glow we all live for. Then when you want to try the fresh face trend at home, all you have to do is apply a tinted moisturizer and radiant concealer to get the look. Remember to use makeup remover if you do put on makeup here in Boca Raton, FL to avoid breaking out and giving your skin a the break it needs.

It’s all in the accessories- Hair accessories are an easy way to keep up with the latest spring beauty trends, some which you may already own. We never thought we’d say this, but remember the Scrunchie? Yep, it’s back. Add one on to your low pony, if it’s printed even better. If you’re feeling really creative, try your hand at Bobby pin art by using pins to create linear designs in your hair. Think triangles or diagonal lines.


SS post 2.23.2018

Long hair, short hair, anything goes!- In terms of hair style trends, there is something for everyone one this spring. If you’re all about growing out your hair and keeping your stands long, you’d be happy to know that we saw long lengths galore at most shows. On the other side of the spectrum, razor-cut boy cuts had a moment at the shows as well. What does this mean for you? Pick the hair length that you feel most comfortable in and if you’re ready for a chop, let one of the experienced hair stylist at Salon Sora get you into a new cut for spring.

These are just a handful of the spring beauty trends for 2018, what trend are you most excited to try? 

Bad Beauty Habits to Break This Year

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The New Year is filled with goals and resolutions aimed at improving oneself. When thinking about ways to improve their lifestyle, most people think about things related to their day-to-day life. A really popular resolution for 2018 is practicing self-care regularly which includes your hair, makeup and overall beauty routine. The stylists at Salon Sora are happy to help you break some habits!

Did you know that making some small changes to your beauty routine can get you moving successfully towards your self care goals? While your making your “New Year, new me” list, make sure to add breaking these top 5 bad beauty habits to your list.

Going to bed without removing your makeup 

After a long day at work or a fun night out with friends, sometimes the thought of having to wash your makeup off can seem impossible. We get it. We’ve all been there, but let’s make a pack to not do this again. After all, all of that long wear foundation isn’t clenching onto your face for no reason. It’s sitting tight in your pores, along with oil, dirt and bacteria. It’s a lethal combination of gunk that’s ready to cause some trouble, also known as a break out pimple just waiting to make its debut. Just think, this beauty nightmare can be avoided by taking a few minutes to cleanse your skin before hitting the sack.

Pro Tip from our Make Up Stylists in Boca Raton: Use a makeup removing wipe or micellar water as the first step in your cleansing routine. This will help to break down the makeup on your face. Following up with a cleanser will ensure that your face is squeaky clean, leaving Mr. Pimple with nowhere to live.

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly  

No one likes to clean their makeup brushes, but it’s a job that needs to be done at least once a week, especially if you are using your brushes daily. Makeup brushes get full of a combination of product and the bacteria that they have picked up from your face. Keeping your brushes clean not only prevents breakouts, but also helps to preserve the life of your brushes.

Neglecting your strands of a regular cut

Even if you’re growing out your tresses for 2018, regular haircuts are still in order. Although it may seem counterintuitive, it actually helps your hair grow healthier. Without trims, split ends will continue to split further and will not only make your hair look unhealthy, but can also compromise the strands. Talk to your Salon Sora stylist in Boca Raton, FL about how often you should be coming in to have your ends trimmed to make sure you stay on an individualized plan for your hair goals.

Washing your hair regularly 

We love dry shampoo, we really do, but it doesn’t replace the need for washing your hair regularly. A good old scrubbing with the right shampoo and conditioner will remove dirt, buildup, and promote scalp health. And as you may know, the scalp is the foundation of healthy hair.

So how often should you really be washing your hair? That depends. On average two or three times a week is recommended, but that can vary based on the texture of your hair and the amount of oil that your scalp produces. Next time you’re in the chair at Salon Sora in Boca Raton, ask your stylist what he/she recommends for you.

Removing chipped nail polish at the first sign 

When your manicure is past its prime, it’s time to remove the polish once and for all. There is no negative effect in leaving it on, other than aesthetic. However, if you’re one of those people that likes to pick at your polish, then there can be some trouble. Doing this can actually remove the top layer of your nail making it weaker and subjecting your nail to breakage. Avoid all that drama by removing the nail polish with nail polish remover, or better yet, stop in and treat yourself to new manicure.

What bad beauty habit are you ditching this year?

6 styling tools for perfectly styled strands

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Great hair happens when a few key factors are combined, one of those being styling tools. We’re sure you’ve noticed that when you come to Salon Sora in Boca Raton, FL our hair stylists are equipped with a slew of styling tools. All of these gadgets are part of the mix of creating a hairstyle that you love long after you leave the salon chair. It might seem like your stylist uses a lot of tools to style your hair, but we’ve narrowed down the list to help you maintain your hairstyle at home.

Here’s a list of the essential tools that everyone should have at home to have perfectly styled strands between appointments:

Blow dryer- A good blow dryer is important to have on hand regardless of your hair length. Short haired gals can use the blower to quickly dry hair, while long-haired ladies can use it to smooth strands while drying. Gentlemen, we didn’t forget about you. You can use the blower to dry hair and achieve hairstyles such as the popular pompadour. Want a quick tutorial? Our hair stylists in Boca Raton, FL are more than happy to help!

All blow dryers are not created the same, and that’s why our team of talented hair stylists at Salon Sora love the Twin Turbo 3800 watt blow dryer. This blow dryer is powerful but has a low noise level. It has a ceramic element that helps to speed up the drying process while minimizing heat damage to the hair.

Diffuser- If you don’t have curls, you can skip this one. If you do have curls, then don’t you dare skip this one. A diffuser is an attachment that goes on your blow dryer. It looks a little strange, but don’t be afraid of it because a diffuser is a curly haired gal’s BFF. This tool will help reduce frizz while lifting your curls, creating defined curls with plenty of bounce. 



The DevaFuser Diffuser is a universal diffuser, meaning it will fit any blow dryer. It is only one of many diffusers that you can use to coif your curls and help tame your mane!

Curling Iron- A curling iron should be a staple in your styling tool squad, especially if you’re embracing the beachy waves trend. We really like the Hot Tools curling irons and recommend them to all of our clients. These curling irons are affordable and work great! One of the best features that the Hot Tools Curling irons have is that they have an adjustable heat setting. This is critical to maintaining the integrity of your hair. Keep in mind, the finer your hair, the lower you should keep your heat setting. If you’re not sure about the thickness of your hair, opt for lower heat seating.

Flat Iron- A good flat iron can create pin straight hair on various hair textures. It’s another one of the tools on the essentials list, but it comes with a few precautions to keep in mind. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people who have fried their hair with a straightener. The key to protecting your hair while straightening it is getting a tool with adjustable heat settings. We recommend the Croc Black Titanium 1” flat iron for this reason. It has adjustable heat settings and an auto shut-off feature, so you don’t find yourself worrying about the flat iron when you’ve left your house.


Sleep Styler- If you love the look of curls, but hate the amount of time it takes to smooth and curl your hair, then you need to check out The Sleep Styler. These “rollers” are a modern take on your grandmother’s rollers. They are made of a super absorbent towel fabric and memory foam, so they comfortably dry and style your hair while you sleep. It may take a few times to get the hang of how to use the Sleep Styler, but practice makes perfect. When putting on the foam rods, we suggest rolling the hair that frames your face away from the face. On the back of your head, you can rotate the direction of the curls. If need some extra pointers, local beauty Youtuber, Angela Cruz, has several videos to help you out. Our hair stylists in Boca Raton, FL would also be more than happy to show you a few tips.

Round Brush- Our Boca Raton clients love having their hair blown out at Salon Sora and one of the most popular questions that we get is how they can recreate the look at home. We believe in giving our clients all of the tips they need to achieve beautiful hair daily and one of the top things we tell clients is the importance of having a round brush when blowing out their hair. A round brush helps to dry hair while creating volume. Volume is the key to big, bouncy hair. We really like the Bio Iconic Square Round Brush. It gives amazing volume while smoothing down hair.


Boar Bristle Brush = Shine. Everyone wants more shine and there’s no tool that creates shine the way that a boar bristle brush does. The close bristles of this brush grip the hair to create tension, which in turn creates shine. Boar bristle brushes are pretty easy to find, but we recommend the Creative Professionals Boar Bristle brushes. They have a few different styles, all which provide impeccable results. We carry an extensive assortment of brushes at Salon Sora and your stylist would be happy to assist you in choosing the correct one for your hair and style.

We know this is a long list and it may feel a little overwhelming reading through it. If you’re not sure what tools you should have for your hair type or style, make sure to ask your stylist the next time you visit Salon Sora. Not sure how to use one of the tools? Ask us during your next appointment and we’d be happy to teach you.

What styling tool do you use most? Did you discover a new tool in this article? Let us know by commenting below!

Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Everything is BOO-tiful!

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year at Salon Sora in Boca Raton, FL. We love all of the new trends for the season, but we also enjoy a very special day in October—Halloween! Did you know that Halloween in only a few weeks away? Do you already have a costume in mind? If not, put that PSL latte down and start thinking about what you’re going to dress up as for one of the best days of the year. It’s one of the only times of the year that you can enhance your natural person or take on a completely different alter ego. And for us, it means that we get to use all of our creative noggin to achieve the perfect hair and makeup for your costume.

Halloween Makeup Ideas at Salon Sora


Ready to get inspired for Halloween? Our makeup team in Boca Raton, FL put together a handful of our favorite looks from glitzy and glamorous, to ghoulish and gory. Scroll down to see a round up of some of our favorite looks from Instagram!

SS10 pic2

Cheetah Girl- If glamorous with a touch of sultry is what you’re looking for this Halloween, then look no further. This cheetah makeup look is a fun and easy to make into a costume for Halloween. Just pop on some cat ears and a cute dress and you’re ready to go. It’s perfect for a girl’s night, an impromptu costume, or to wear to work on Halloween.


Mystical Mermaid- We’ve always been fascinated by mermaids and in the last few years, pop culture just can’t get enough of them. At Salon Sora, we can’t get enough of this beautiful mermaid makeup look. The artist created this look using a cool color palette of shades of green, teal, and purple. You can easily take inspiration from this look to create the mermaid makeup look of your dreams.


“Pennywise” Evil Clown- There are those that like to look pretty for Halloween and those who want to scare. This Pennywise makeup look perfectly mixes the best of both worlds.


Out of this World Unicorn- Love unicorns? Become one! The best thing about being a unicorn for Halloween is that you can create a look that reflects your inner unicorn. Make it as colorful as you want, and just remember—you can never have too much glitter or color with this look!



Day of the Dead Sugar Skull- We love the simplicity of this sugar skull makeup look. What we love even more is how easy it is to turn this into a costume. All you need to do is dig up your flower crown from Coachella and throw on a lacy black dress. Done!


Wonder Woman- Nothing says girl power like dressing up as Wonder Woman for Halloween. Since she hit the big screen earlier this year, we’ve been crushing on this costume idea. The makeup look for Wonder Woman is all about enhancing your natural beauty and topping it off with a red lip. It’s a great costume idea if you’re not a fan of having a face full of makeup on Halloween.


Zombie- Dawn of the Dead. Resident Evil. The Walking Dead. All of these movies and shows have helped to make a zombie lover out of us all. As we’ve learned from watching these movies and shows, zombies come in all forms. We particularly like this zombie makeup look because it balances beauty and gore quite well.

Do you know what you’re going to be this Halloween? If you need help bringing your costume to life, let our makeup team at Salon Sora in Boca Raton, FL help you. The hair and makeup portion of your costume is just as important as the outfit. Our seasoned team of stylists and makeup artists is here to help you be the star of the Halloween party this year. To schedule a consultation, please give us a call at (561) 338-7597 to schedule your appointment to meet your Halloween dream team.

Three Reasons Why You Should Get Facials Regularly

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Facials Blog

There are many factors that play a role in having skin that is healthy and radiant. Drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep, and implementing a skincare routine are all important factors, but there’s more to it. Regular facials are a key piece in the equation. While facials may be viewed as a way to pamper yourself, the benefits are far from being just skin deep. In fact, it’s a beneficial experience from head-to-toe. So keep reading and see if a Salon Sora facial in Boca Raton, FL is something you might like to try…

Reducing the signs of aging- Let’s face it, no one wants to grow older, but it’s part of life. Luckily, there are ways to delay the aging process and the signs that come with it, such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. One of the best ways to maintain the youthful appearance of your face is by getting a regular facial.

After a careful evaluation of your skin, our aesthetician will develop a custom facial based on the condition of your skin and any issues that may be specific to you. She will then combine hand-picked organic skincare products to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. These steps will remove dead skin from the epidermis (top layer of your skin) while penetrating deep into your dermis to increase healthy cell turnover. In addition to these essential steps, our aesthetician may suggest added treatments to address individual skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, and acne.
Skincare treatments may include:

  • Microdermabrasion;

Sun, pollution, time, and other damaging elements can really wreak havoc on your skin creating lines, acne, age spots, wrinkles or even uneven pigmentation. Microdermabrasion is one of the first steps in combating these aggressors. Using a very fine spray of microcrystals this treatment removes dead skin and reveals the younger, more youthful skin below. This will encourage the production of newer skin with more collagen and elastin thereby giving you a more “plump” and “dewy” appearance.

Microdermabrasion is not the “be all end all” of facial treatments. It is meant for people with fine lines, rosacea, clogged pores, uneven pigmentation, and in some cases even acne, to name a few

  • Hydrafacials;

Moisture, moisture, moisture!! It’s what all skin needs more of and one way to get it is with a hydrafacial. This multipurpose facial combines exfoliation, deep cleansing, extractions, and antioxidant protection all in one!


Unlike  microdermabrasion, hydrafacials are a much “softer” approach to healthy looking skin. Instead of using microcrystals hydrafacials employ a medical grade serum which helps to loosen dead skin while simultaneously vacuuming it off with a gentle suction. This helps reduce or even eliminate the redness that can occur during deep facials and microdermabrasion.

  • Hyaluronic acid with microdermabrasion;

Hyaluronic acid is something our skin loses as we age which makes it appear dry and wrinkled. This miracle acid is known for its water retention properties. And as we stated earlier, moisture is one thing our skin really needs, especially when we are in the sun as often as we are in Boca Raton, FL. The fact that Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000ml of water for each gram of HA gives this one ingredient a very special place in your skincare routine. You can see why using this simultaneously with microdermabrasion would be great for your skin! This is definitely one ingredient to look for in all your skin cream formulas.


Glowing skin- One of the main reasons that our clients come in for a monthly facial is because they love how their skin looks and feels after their treatment. Your facial in Boca Raton, FL includes a facial massage from our seasoned estheticians. While this feels great, the real benefit is that it increases circulation and lymphatic drainage. Paired with high-quality organic skincare products, this will increase product absorption and oxygen production. The results are a radiant glow, no highlighter required!

To maintain this radiant appearance, we recommend that you schedule a facial every month. It may seem too frequent, but the average person experiences cell turnover ever 28-30 days. During that time period, the inner layers of your skin work their way up to the surface and cause dead skin to build up. A facial removes the dead skin cells to reveal new, smoother and softer skin.

Stress reduction- Are you in need of some R&R? Getting a facial at Salon Sora is one of the best ways to treat yourself. Our signature facial includes a shoulder, hand, and foot massage in the 1 ½ hour treatment. Massage therapy, combined with aromatherapy and soothing sounds are the perfect formula to reduce stress levels and unwind.

Are you ready to book your signature Salon Sora facial? We offer 20% off your first facial if you are a new client and also offer specials when you purchase a facial package. To schedule a custom facial with our seasoned aesthetician Linda Creta, please call her directly at (561) 414-0031 to schedule your appointment.

10 Hair Hacks That You Need in Your Beauty Stash

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Haircut Boca Raton

Our Boca Raton, FL salon is composed of a group of talented individuals that know more than just a thing or two about haircuts and hair. We live for great hair days and through the years we’ve learned tricks to make those days happen everyday. We don’t believe in keeping secrets, so today we’ve decided to round up our best hair hacks to share with you!

  1. Are you constantly battling tiny flyaways that are unruly? Spritz a tooth brush with Goldwell Big Finish hair spray and comb through your roots. This micro-fine spray gives hair great volume while protecting your hair from humidity to help keep those frizzy bad boys under control.
  1. Do you wash your hair at night, but then get too tired to style it? Try one of these overnight styling tricks:

For a voluminous blown out look: Wash your hair at night before and apply a volumizing styling cream to your haircut. While your hair is still damp, twist it into a bun on top of your head before you go to bed. The next morning, blow dry the bun for a couple minutes, then let your bouncy hair down.

For Boca Raton, FL beachy waves: Apply a styling cream to your hair and section your strands into a few large braids. Keep in mind, the smaller the sections/braids the tighter the waves you’ll end up with, so we recommend that that you stick to the “less is more” rule on this one. When you wake up in the morning quickly run a flat iron over the braids and release your hair. Say hello to your overnight waves!

  1. Is your hair lacking luster? Use a boar bristle brush when blow drying your hair. This brush will help to bring natural oils from your scalp to your ends. The results are smooth hair with plenty of shine.
  1. Are you a gal on-the-go with no time to wash your hair in the morning? Just wash and style your bangs or the front section of your hair instead of your whole head. You can add volume to the rest of your haircut by working in some dry shampoo and styling your hair as usual. Now you can be out the door with time to spare.

 Hair cut Boca Raton FL

  1. Have you ever decided to chop off your strands and then regretted it 20 minutes later? It’s ok, its happened to the best of us. At Salon Sora, we offer several types of hair extensions, which are the perfect fix when you are looking for length. We specialize in both tape in and bonded extensions and consult with our clients to find the best option for their needs. These extensions are also a great choice for those with thin hair and can be applied in specific sections of your hair to add volume to your mane.
  1. Are your curls falling out too soon? To get full, long-lasting waves using a curling iron, start from the middle instead of the end of your hair. Using this styling technique will keep your hair staying wavy for longer.
  1. Are you constantly battling the frizz? The trick to kick frizz to the curb is to stop it before it starts. After you wash your hair, don’t rub your hair with a towel. Instead, pat your hair in a downward motion using a t-shirt. Yes, you read that correctly. Using a t-shirt will reduce the amount of frizz-causing friction that a traditional towel may cause.
  1. What’s the secret to a blow out that lasts for days? Setting it! Once you are done blow drying your hair, dry it with the cool setting for one minute. This will help to lock your style in place.
  1. Is your dry shampoo leaving a white residue in your hair? It could be that you are not using dry shampoo properly. Always apply dry shampoo to the roots of your hair and give it a couple of minutes to absorb the oils in your hair. Follow by using a gentle scrubbing motion (like when you wash your hair) to work the product into your hair. We have a few dry shampoos on our list of favorites that we recommend using along with this technique, including the Davines Hair Refresher. This particular product uses a rich starch to soak up excises oil and helps to keep your style in place.
  1. Have you ever found yourself in this situation: you have a root touch-up scheduled for the end of the week but need that growth covered RIGHT NOW? You know what we have to say about that? Fake it ‘til you make it. A quick and easy temporary fix is our Color Wow Root Cover Up. This eyeshadow like powder applies with a brush application and it stays in place until the next time you wash your hair.

Pro tip: You can even paint golden highlights onto your hair with the blonde shade for a temporary color change.

Do you have a hair hack that you would like to share with us? Let us know!

DIY Hair Masque for Repairing Summer Strands

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Summer in Boca Raton, Florida is all about enjoying some fun in the sun. We all love a beach day or a good pool party, but participating in some of these activities can cause some havoc on not only your hair cut, but your hair. In the summer, your hair is exposed to more UV rays and drying elements such as salt water and chlorinated pool water, especially in Boca Raton, FL. These factors can cause frizz to have a field day, which is amplified if you also use heat styling tools. The trick to avoiding this summer hair madness is to treat your hair to some TLC on a weekly basis.

At Salon Sora, we offer several deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair cut in tip-top shape all summer long in Boca Raton, FL. Treatments such as Olaplex or Huille d’ales from Phyto of Paris. We also have products that you can take home to maintain the integrity of your hair cut. All of our hair care lines offer at home treatment masks. Goldwell, Davines, Phyto, and Obliphica all have amazing moisturizing, frizz fighting treatments. Another at home treatment option that our professional stylists recommend to their clients are DIY hair masques.

Did you know that many of the ingredients that you keep in your kitchen can also be used keep your hair healthy? For example—coconut oil. You’ve probably heard of all of the amazing uses for coconut oil, but did you know that it’s also one of the few oils that has a molecule small enough to penetrate into your hair to provide deep moisture? It’s true. That’s just one of the household ingredients that can be used as a treatment for your hair.

We’ve whipped up a recipe for a frizz-fighting hair masque that will help you repair your hair while adding moisture to your mane and we’re excited to share it with you today!

DIY Hair Masque

What You’ll Need:

1 Avocado (Softens hair and promotes healthy hair growth)

2 Eggs (Packed with protein to repair hair while promoting growth)

1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey (Anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties)

2 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil (Provides deep moisture)

3 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (Great for scalp health- for those who are experiencing thinning of their hair you can substitute peppermint oil for either rosemary oil or lavender oil. Both are great for stimulating the follicle.)

Disposable shower cap

Directions: Start by mix all ingredients into a bowl. Once you have thoroughly mixed all of the ingredients, gently work the mix into your strands starting from the ends of your hair, and working your way to the roots. After distributing the mix into your hair, place your hair into a disposable shower cap and allow the masque to absorb into your hair for 15-20 minutes. For maximum results, allow the masque to sit in your hair while you are taking a hot shower or sitting by your pool. The warmth of the shower or the sun will help to open the hair follicle allowing the treatment to penetrate deeper into your hair. When you are ready to take off the masque rinse the mixture from your hair and follow with your normal washing/conditioning routine.

Have you tried making an at-home hair masque? What ingredients do you put in your masque? Let us know by commenting below.

11 Ways to Spread Love

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At Salon Sora, we love to make our clients look and feel like the best version of themselves. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients leave the salon radiating confidence and with a smile on their face, whether they’ve gotten their nails done or had a new hair cut from our Boca Raton, FL salon. The truth is, spreading love and happiness comes naturally to our team because it’s one of our fundamental principals. We believe in the power of positivity. Each day that our door is open we strive to spread love within our Boca Raton salon and hope that it reaches far beyond our walls. In fact, we hope that you will feel inspired to spread some love of your own so that it creates a chain reaction. After all, big movements start with small steps and we all know we could use more love in the world these days.

Here are 11 ways that you can spread love to make the world a kinder, more loving place.

Give a stranger a compliment– Thoughtful compliments can make someone’s day. Make it a point to give a compliment to three random strangers each day. Like their outfit or their new hair cut from our Boca Raton, FL salon? Say something! You will quickly learn that making a stranger smile not only brings joy to their heart but also to yours. You never know what a kind word can mean to someone in need of hearing it. SalonSora7.12pic1


Donate your hair- Thinking of chopping off your long strands this summer? Consider donating your hair to an organization such as Locks of Love. This non-profit organization will transform your hair into a hairpiece for children under the age of 21 suffering from medical hair loss.


Reduce your carbon footprint- The earth is a whimsical place. We must all do our part in conserving the planet by taking strides to reduce our carbon footprint each day. Together we can make an impact to save our planet.

You can take simple steps to help Mother Earth by recycling, using reusable bags, and cycling to work. Find out what your carbon footprint is by taking this quiz and start making improvements to your impact on the planet today. We must preserve the planet for future generations. At Salon Sora we have started a recycling program in two ways. We have a refill program to refill a clients empty shampoo and conditioner bottles at 50% off retail price. This saves our clients money, keeps their hair cut from our Boca Raton, FL salon looking fabulous, and helps to reduce the amount of plastic going into our landfills.

We also recycle all our empty aluminum, glass, and plastic containers as well as all the foil we use for highlighting hair.

Foster a shelter pet- Many animal shelters and rescues run at/or over capacity. If you love furry friends consider fostering one in your home. This will give the animal a chance to socialize with people in a warm and comforting setting. The little fur ball may bring so much happiness to your home that you might end up keeping it. Even if you decide that that’s not the best fit, you are still helping to save lives by fostering a pet in your home.

Donate your expertise- Are you a great cook? A dancing queen? An awesome knitter? Share your knowledge by teaching a class in your community. People of all ages can benefit from learning a new skill and you will have the opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life along the way.

Bring some cheer to a friend- Do you have a friend that is down on their luck? Sometimes spending time with a friend will do wonders to help lift their spirit. Bring some cheer to your friend in need by treating them to a fun activity such as mini golf or an ice cream date.

Volunteer- Volunteering is a classic way to spread the love. There are numerous organizations that can use a helping hand. The best part is that you can donate as much time as your schedule allows. Not sure where to get started? First ask yourself what causes you are passionate about. Maybe it’s the environment or the arts. Then, check out Volunteer Match, a website that can help you find a cause that’s close to your heart in your area.

Plant a tree- Trees provide much more than shade. They produce oxygen and function as an air purifier. Plus, depending on what type of tree you decide to plant, it may also provide pretty blooms or fruit to eat. Before planting a tree, consider planting a native tree in your yard, or better yet—in an area that can use a little beautification. Make sure to get permission before you plant if you choose to plant the tree in a public area or property that is not your own.


Start an urban garden- If you’ve been to the grocery store recently you know that the cost of produce keeps going up. By starting a community garden in a low-income area you can help local families have access to fresh vegetables that are nutritious and cost-free. By getting the community involved in the harvesting process, you will also help teach the local youth about agriculture and healthy food preparation.

Donate- There are many ways to donate. From donating time to items to money, find the one that works for you and get out there and do it. If we all do a little bit just imagine what we could accomplish.

Simply Smile- Smiling is free. It takes less than a second, yet the expression can impact someone in a way that lasts a lifetime. Spread love, one smile at a time.

How do you spread love? Let us know by commenting below!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dry Shampoo from Your Friends at Salon Sora

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There are certain hair products that are complete game changers. Dry shampoo is one of them. It’s the perfect product for those with busy lifestyles that want to refresh their tresses between washes (think after the gym or on hectic mornings), to add an instant boost of fullness to your hair cut in Boca Raton FL. Since using dry shampoo extends the need to wash your hair, it’s also an excellent option for individuals with color treated hair.

As much as our clients at Salon Sora swoon over their dry shampoo, we find that many of them have a lot of questions on how to use the product properly. Our knowledgeable team of stylists at Salon Sora have listened to all of the questions and today we are answering them so you can master dry shampoo once and for all.

How to properly use dry shampoo 


– Use dry shampoo between washes. You can even use it on clean, dry hair to achieve a lived-in look to spice up your new hair cut in Boca Raton FL.

– Use dry shampoo to build volume in all hair types.

– Spray dry shampoo 6-8 inches from the roots of your hair and on the crown of your scalp.

– Do massage dry shampoo into your hair to work the product into your hair for maximum oil absorption.

– Allow the product to perform its magic by allowing it sit on your strands for a few minutes before styling.


– Use dry shampoo as a replacement to regular washes with shampoo and conditioner.

– Use dry shampoo on hair that is wet or damp. The product is designed to be used on hair that is completely free of moisture.

– Spray dry shampoo on the ends of your hair. The ingredient in dry shampoo absorb oil and applying dry shampoo to your hair can make your hair appear dry and lusterless.

Now that you know the how-to of using dry shampoo, we want to make sure you are using the right dry shampoo for your hair type and specific needs.


Davines Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo

Who’s it for: All hair types

Why we love it: This is one of our favorites at Salon Sora because it has a light, fresh scent that refreshes your hair cut while adding tons of volume.


Goldwell Kerasilk Color Dry Shampoo

Who’s it for: Color-treated hair

Why we love it: This dry shampoo has a gentle formula to preserve the brilliance of color treated hair. It also leaves no white residue, perfect for our clients with darker hair colors.


Goldwell Kerasilk Repower Volume Dry Shampoo

Who’s it for: fine, limp hair

Why we love it: When it comes to building volume, this is magic in a can. Not only does this dry shampoo refresh strands, it also adds a mega dose of long-lasting volume. If that wasn’t enough, the formula has Keratin and Tamanu Oil to keep hair moisturized, silky, and with intense shine.
Do you have any questions on how to use dry shampoo for your hair cut in Boca Raton FL? Let us know by commenting below. Don’t forget to also follow us on Instagram to see what’s trending at Salon Sora.

7 Summer Beauty Trends You Need To Know About

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7 Summer Beauty Trends You Need To Know About
The temperature is starting to sizzle in South Florida and although we may still be weeks away from the official start of summer, we’ve been seeing some of the season’s best trends popping up all around Boca Raton. We love being part of such a fashion-forward community and find a tremendous amount of inspiration from our clients, as well as from the catwalks of New York Fashion Week. We’ve combined all of our fashionable influences and industry knowledge to bring you a guide on some of the best beauty trends for summer 2017 and how you can achieve them with help from Salon Sora, the best hair salon in Boca Raton, FL.facials boca raton fl
Peach everything- When it comes to makeup, everything is “just peachy” right now. From pastel peach washed lids, to lips, and cheeks, we can’t get enough of the sherbet shade. One of our favorite makeup products to embrace this trend is the Peach Palette by Too Faced. This palette has a good selection of peachy tones, as well as neutrals in finishes that vary from shimmery to matte.SSBlog2Pic2
Top knot 2.0- An effortless top knot is just what you need to beat the heat in Boca Raton. Elevate your look this season by adding a bandana or bow to your knot. If you really want to have some fun, French braid the back half of your hair before creating your knot? Not sure how to braid? Schedule an appointment at our hair salon in Boca Raton, FL and have one of our Salon Sora stylists help you achieve the look.nail salon boca raton
Metallic manis– Metallic nails are trending this season and it’s a look that has become popular in Boca Raton. Our clients have left our nail salon in Boca Raton with full on metallic nails, as well as with gentle metallic touches. Next time you come in for a manicure, talk to your manicurist about how you can incorporate a metallic hue into your nail design.SSBlog2pic4
Sun-kissed skin- It’s easy to pick up a healthy glow in South Florida, especially if you’ve ever spent time on our newly remodeled Terrance. For those that prefer a sun-free alternative, get the look by dusting some bronzer on your cheek, jawline, and forehead.

Get your glow on- Highlighter is a must-have in your makeup bag right now. With this trend being so popular, the market is filled with options. Most people opt for a powder highlighter, but a liquid highlighter is also a great option for those who have dry skin. We recommend applying highlighter on your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow, brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes. This will give you a radiant and youthful appearance. For a subtle glow, add a few drops of liquid highlighter to your foundation to achieve a lit from within look.
Guess who’s back? Half and half hairstyles- Yep, the half up half down looks are back. Whether you opt for a top knot or a pony, you’ll fit right in this season.SSBlog2Pic6
Blush nails- If you haven’t heard, blush is the new neutral. This color, also known as millennial pink has been popping up everywhere. We really like blush as a nail polish color because it is versatile and compliments all skin tones. For a modern twist on a French manicure, ask your manicurist at our nail salon in Boca Raton to use blush instead of white during your next manicure.

Are you looking for more beauty inspiration for summer 2017? Check out our Instagram to see what’s trending at Salon Sora! Ready to embrace a trend right now? Call us at (561) 338-7597 to schedule your appointment with one of our talented stylist.