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Balayage. Babylights. Ombré. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ve heard about these trendy hair coloring techniques, but could you spot each look if you saw them in a photo? If you’ve spent some time on Instagram, you’ve likely seen many of these techniques without even knowing it. Although they are very popular, unless you’re a beauty editor or a hair stylist, some of these terms may seem like a foreign language. That’s because many of them are, and the tricky part is that more hair coloring techniques emerge every day. We know that our stylish community in Boca Raton is fashion forward, and we want to keep you up to date on the latest coloring techniques, so today we’re going to break down each one of the top 5 hair coloring techniques in Boca Raton that are trending right now.

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Traditional highlights/lowlights– This is the highlighting technique you’re probably most familiar with. A colorist applies bleach to highlight the hair or color to lowlight hair in uniform strips throughout the hair. The hair is usually placed in foils since it’s important that it’s consistent throughout the hair. This technique is typically applied in a chunkier manner and the foiling gives it vibrancy, providing a more dramatic coloring effect.

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Babylights- Have you ever looked back at photos from your childhood and thought to yourself, “I used to have natural highlights.” This is where this highlighting technique is inspired by. Fine highlights are applied through the hair for a very subtle and naturally lightened look.

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Ombré- There are a lot of buzz-worthy coloring techniques out there right now and most of them stem from the coloring technique known as ombré. Ombré is the gradual transition of colors. The quintessential ombré starts off with dark roots and gradually lightens to the ends of the hair. The lightener or color is thoughtfully hand-painted onto the hair. The result is a lived in coloring style that is perfect for those looking for a low maintenance look.

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Color Melt-
This hair coloring technique is very similar to ombré in the sense that it’s a gradual transition of color. What makes it different is that it can start from dark roots to lighter ends or vice versus. Color melting is especially popular with vibrant colors, such as a color melt from deep violet to pink.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.43.43 AMBalayage- Everyone has been raving about this highlighting technique since it took off a few years ago, in fact, it’s the most common coloring service that we perform at Salon Sora. The word balayage comes from the French term that means “to sweep”. When the hair color or lightener is applied to the hair, it’s applied in a sweeping motion that allows a colorist to create a work of art. The result is hand-painted highlights that look soft and natural.

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Rooting- If you have a hard time committing to color touch-ups every 6-8 weeks, then rooted color may be right for you. This coloring technique focuses on giving hair a naturally grown out look by strategically blending color approximately two inches from the scalp. Rooted looks can be achieved with your natural hair color if you’re looking for low maintenance color. On the contrary, if you’re ready to commit to touch ups and are looking for some fun, try a rooted look with a pop of color instead of your natural color. For example, if you have platinum blonde strands, you can try a pink rooted look.

Our team of experienced colorist at Salon Sora in Boca Raton specialize in all of the hair coloring techniques listed in this article. After learning more about these coloring techniques, you may realize that you have some of them saved to your photos as hair color inspiration. If you’re ready to give one of these trendy hair coloring techniques a try, schedule an appointment with one of stylist today by calling us at 561-338-7597. Not ready to take the plunge just yet? Check out our Instagram for a gallery of color inspiration.