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hair color salon boca ratonThere are many stylists in South Florida today. One thing is certain, Salon Sora only selects 5-star stylists, colorists and hair dressers. This week’s blog we feature the lovely and very talented Andrea Giraldo.

Q: What was the catalyst to becoming a hairdresser for you?

Andrea: I really didn’t think much about becoming a hairdresser when I was finished with high school. I was doing my friends and relatives hair, just for fun and I finally decided pursue it as a career because everyone was telling me I was good at it.

Q: What types of things do you take into consideration during a client consultation?

Andrea: The texture of the hair, shape of the face, what they do for a living, their lifestyle etc., I want to give them a style they’re happy with that suits their everyday life.

Q: What’s the one common mistake people make, with their hair?

Andrea: Not cutting it enough. When you are growing your hair from short to long, it’s important to have it cut at least once every other month. If you’re trying to have long hair, by not cutting it, will make it unhealthy. The ends will split and break, creating a mess, when what you want is long and healthy hair.

Q: What type of advice can you give to people living in Boca Raton, when it comes to hair care?

Andrea: Make sure to wear sunscreen. Use some type of leave-in conditioner or oil that will protect the hair. The hot Florida sun can be very damaging and will ruin your hair and can potentially burn the scalp. It’s important to protect the hair when going in the sun.

Q: Are there any types of hair products you recommend?

Andrea: I recommend staying away from both cheap drug-store shampoo and box color or home hair color treatments. These products are damaging and won’t give you the best results. I’m surprised when people spend the money they do on getting their hair done, then using a cheap shampoo or color that will waste all the money they just spent at the salon. You need to use products that are high quality and you’ll get the best look.

Q: What type of trends do you see for the Fall 2016?

Andrea: Natural looking hair. Although the Ombre styles are still in, more natural looking highlights that are painted on in targeted places and not foiled strands are more of the look that’s popular. Ombre isn’t going away, but it’s the more natural look everyone is asking for.

Q: What type of hair do you prefer to work with?

Andrea: I love all types of hair, long, short, it really doesn’t matter to me. I feel my strength is doing precision haircuts, I love to work with short, edgy cuts. But, I really love to work with everyone.

Q: What was your most favorite hair style you’ve created over your career?

Andrea: I used one of my friends as a model for a hair show, it took 9 hours to do her hair. We used many colors such as blues, violets, blacks and it really looked beautiful. The finished look can be seen on my Instagram page.

Q: Should we wear product during hot, humid weather?

Andrea: Of course. What works for one person’s hair may not work for another, so it’s a matter of preference. Don’t buy cheap hairsprays. They tend to get gummy and sticky in bad weather. It’s best to go natural with a leave-in conditioner.

Q: What advice can you give to future hair stylists:

Andrea: “Do everything with love and passion”.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our introduction to Andrea and learning what her perspectives are on hair. Keep your eye out for more interviews from our incredibly crafty stylists.

You can also follow Andrea’s creations on her Instagram page: @andreag_hair

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