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Five Past Celebrity Styles that are as Hot As Boca Raton

When you think of timeless allure of women like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis and Lana Turner you think of classic hairstyles.  Many of those elegant looks are still popular today. Whether you want a new look or your refreshing the one, you already have. We’ve put a few of our favorite looks in this post for you to try. 

Pin curls:  Section your head into several pieces. Then roll your hair from the ends, and then take two bobby pins and crisscross into place. Alternate the sections by pinning forward or pinning backward.  Let the hair air dry.  Once the hair is dry remove the pins, you can brush or just use your fingers and put the curls into place.  Spray the hair with a lightweight hairspray. You are now ready to turn a few heads.

Bangs:  Betty Page rocked her style with a big chunky bang that framed her face and gave her an exotic look.  Bangs are still the craze today.  Whether you do a side bang, a fringe bang or a full thick bang, you’ll have a beautiful new doo.  Bangs are often a way to refresh a stagnated look.  Not all bangs are right for all people so be sure to ask your stylist what the best style would be for your face and hair type.

Marlin Monroe hair

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Classic Waves: Build body and give that in gorgeous Vogue hairdressing with classic waves.  You can achieve this look by using a large barreled curling iron then pinning the hot curls loosely to the head.  Let the hair cool after lightly spraying with your favorite product. Take the pins out and then use a comb to put the hair into place.  Dreamy scrumptious and ultra-classic.

Side Swept: Whether you curl your hair or wear it naturally the side sweep is elegant and makes a statement.  To get this look, Brush all the hair over the left shoulder. Slide a hair pin into the hair angled upwards toward the ear. Take a section of hair in front of the left ear and twist it towards the back. Pin it in place so it hides the first hairpin.

Braided buns: The braid is a fabulous and sexy way to way your locks.  Try pulling your hair on the top of your head and use a hair tie to keep it together.  Braid your ponytail and wrap around in a circle.  Secure with bobby pins and a little bit of spray.  This style is terrific to wear to your office or out on the town.

These vintage looks continue to perform for centuries.  We can thank many of our celebs from the past to present for keeping these coiffures at the forefront of classic and gorgeous style.

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