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When you live in a place like Boca Raton, you know that many women love to show off their style with long, beautiful locks of hair. But, if you’re growing your hair out, you’re probably going to get to the “anxious phase” needing a new hair style, without waiting 2-3 years. Where can you find the answer to the short hair ‘blahs’?  You can find the answer, in this blog as we cover what you need to know to fall in love with hair extensions.

First, you’ll need to grow your hair at least 3-4 inches before most extensions can be used. If your hair is shorter than this, it might not work. Speak to a hair consultant before spending your savings on fake hair. Next, you’ll want to determine, budget, time and style.

hair extensions boca ratonBudget can vary depending on the type of hair extensions and the method for applying them. This of course is if we use 100% natural human hair versus synthetic.  Wefts of hair can be found visiting your local beauty supply chain, such as Sally’s. Make sure you check with your extension professional who will be helping with the selection. A professional can suggest the best place to find extensions in your hair color and texture. In some cases, the extensions will need to be dyed to match your natural hair.

Extensions vary in price depending on the method used to apply them. If they are semi-permanent versus clip-ons, they will most likely run, you more. A set of natural extensions with clips will generally run around $80 for the extensions themselves. If they need cutting or adjusting, then there will be additional fees if you have a hair salon professionally customize your extensions.

Extensions where the hair is glued lasts quite a while. A hair salon professional should be the person to remove your extensions if they’ve been glued to your scalp. You’ll want to avoid any damage been done to your real hair.

If you’ve chosen to go with the method where the extensions are sewn or weaved into your natural hair, you’ll find this to be the most cost effective. These types of length extensions last the longest and are considered semi-permanent.

Time is of the essence, no matter what route you decide on. Clip extensions will be the fastest to adjust and apply. Glued extensions will take hours of application. Sewn in versions is also a long process where the stylist braids or weave the wefts into your hair.

It can take up to 6 hours longer to put on a full set of extensions, so be sure to schedule your day accordingly. The stylist will also want to make sure they are applying to even rows to prevent tangling and knotting.

Once you have determined how much you want to invest, and have allotted time involved, speak to your stylist about the style. Are you interested in creating more volume? Do you need length? Or do you want a combination of both? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll be able to live with.

Hair extensions are something that takes some getting used to. When our hair grows at its own pace, we hardly notice the transformation. Just picture how someone changes when you go between long periods before seeing them again. Having instantly long locks isn’t always greatly received during the onset of adding them.

In conclusion, once you’ve given hair extensions a try, we suggest trying the clips first to see if you like the look, then consulting with your hair stylist to learn what will work best for you and your lifestyle, this