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If you live in a place like Boca Raton or anywhere in South Florida for that matter, many of you have heard of the term “Brazilian Blow Out”. This type of hair treatment will give someone who has a curly or frizzy texture to your hair and make it appear naturally straight and ultra-healthy. That being said, there are a few things you should know in order for you to have a success when getting this technique done. In this blog we uncover the Salon Sora way to achieving the soft, flowing and pin straight hair you’ve always dreamt of.

People who make good candidates for Brazilian Blowouts would be people who have damaged, frizzy, over-processed and coarse or curly hair.

You can use this treatment even if you’ve had color or highlights added to the hair. In fact, many times this type of hair treatment will restore the hair health and make it more manageable.

People with extreme curls, the hair won’t be straight. I repeat, the hair won’t be straight! It will however make your curly locks more manageable because of the amino acids that become fortifying and nourishing to the hair.

If you are using a relaxer, then the hair will need to be neutralized to complete the treatment. This treatment is a great alternative to those wanting to get away from relaxers.

Volume is another issue many people ask about. Supposedly it’s because they are concerned with going from frizz to fabulous hair thinking that it will flatten their look. Whatever your hairs natural volume is will be maintained after the treatment is applied.

Coloring the hair is safe to use after you’ve indulged in one of these treatments. So no issue with this. However, it’s recommended to wait up to two weeks before applying color. In this case speaking to your colorist or stylist will certainly help.

Anytime you’re using products such as chemicals, it’s best to work with a professional to ensure the safety of your hair and achieving the optimum results you’re looking for.

Don’t get disappointed by DIY treatments claiming to do the same. A professional should be the only person who understands the process and its effects is the only true way that you can get that beautiful strong and straight hair.

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