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Salon Sora’s Secret to Corrective Color

hair salon boca ratonLet’s face it, we’ve all heard the saying “You always want what you can’t have”, and this is particularly true when it comes to hair color. If you’re like many women and men out there who are finding themselves desperately seeking a change, then corrective color might be for you. In this week’s blog we reveal some of the Salon Sora secrets to achieving the look you desire.

Once summer is over, it’s time to start thinking of many things before the busy season of fall is upon us. Another issue to consider is that our hair changes drastically through the summer months. We Boca Ratoners seem to spend more time in the sun, pool and Jacuzzi damaging our precious locks. Hair can become drab and dull looking and maybe telling you, it’s time for a change to happen. Just before the Fall is when you should consider going into your metamorphosis.

Corrective coloring can help you go from Blonde to Red in a matter of one or two sittings with your stylist. You’ll want to consult with your stylist before making the changes. If you’re going drastic, you’ll have to be prepared to look like a whole new you. We’re not talking just a few highlights here.

Generally corrective color means that you’re changing the look of the hair completely. This usually comes from a point where you are ready for the change to occur. If your hair is lighter from the sun, than have your stylist select a warm, dark color that will help you get into the season with rich dark browns, blacks and reds. However, if your hair is on the dark side and you want to go in the opposite direction, plan on having a few applications of color. Reason being, with black and brunette hair, the process is much more involved. Most hair stylists will generally take the time to do a few sessions where the hair is getting bleached.

If your hair is damaged from hair products, blow dryers, curling irons, and other chemicals, it’s best to revitalize the hair and ensure it’s healthy before changing your hair color. Damaged hair means that the hair shaft may be rough, porous, too dry, no elasticity, etc., It’s important to have realistic expectations when visiting the salon. Let your hair professional explain what they think will work best. That’s why you’ve hired them to begin with.

So what’s the secret to corrective color? Answer: Be ready for drastic change and rely on your stylist because “Your Hair Dresser Knows Best”.

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