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Smart, Sexy Fashionable Boca Cuts for Fall

The climate in Southern Florida can be tough on your hair.  Weather is brutal on precious locks. Living in the Sunshine State means your hair fights everything from UV rays to intense humidity to unforgiving wind. A good cut is necessary to tame your lovely strands and keep you looking your best no matter what the weather is doing.  Many of the hair magazines give chic ideas promising coiffed looks, but they aren’t all meant for the same climate.  Here are some smart, sexy cuts great for living the life in Boca Raton, Florida.

Could Short Hair Styles be a Solution to The Florida Climate? Maybe…

Since you live in a climate that at times is less desirable for your doo, consider selecting a cut that has little to no maintenance with very minimal product needed.

short hair style boca raton

The textured pixie is one younger women are rocking out these days. With the wispy layers and just the right amount of pomade the wind will help keep your locks looking edgy.  This is a perfect cut for short beachy hair, even during the fall. Plan on visiting your hairdresser every 4-6 weeks to keep this out-of-control look under control.  With that reckless style you’re sure to get noticed, even if it’s just during a quick visit to

For Medium Hairstyles

For medium hairstyles, the trend is fun, sassy, fierce bobs.  These flatter the face while still keeping a sexy attitude because of the unruly messy look. The layers assist in keeping your curls in place after walking from your car to the office making this an ideal solution to our windy weather.  This is one dynamite haircut that will turn heads no matter what your age. Women like Cameron Diaz are sporting the shaggy bob creating volume to baby fine hair.  Extremely easy to style, this cut is a cinch to grow out. You’ll never experience ugly growth periods here.

For Longer Hairstyles

hair bocaLonger hair continues to lean on making a statement for youth. However, women of all ages keep their longer hair. Regardless of age, make sure that the cut you are considering doesn’t bury your
face.  A longer cut can offer diversity pulling it back into a pony or wearing it full and ultra fierce off the face.  Styling doesn’t have to be high maintenance.  Keeping your long locks in top health by eating a good diet of vegetables and healthy fats is helpful.  If you notice the color is dull, perhaps a gloss treatment can be the answer.



Fall is a good time of year to get glossed.  Summer is over, our tans are fading, and sometimes we want a fresh look.  Hair that has been colored may benefit from the additional sheen a hair gloss treatment provides.  You’ll be adding extra radiant shine while conditioning and protecting the hair.

Besides protection, hair that is blowing around on a windy day can often times be cumbersome. Bangs are a solution that helps to frame the face,  keeping long locks from whipping you in the eyes.  This years fashion is ultra chic bangs cut just below the eyebrows. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the look of your forehead, then this alternative hair style may be your greatest ally.

Other than your tresses, there are many things to factor in when selecting a haircut. The shape of your face, your age, and your lifestyle can all be decision makers when changing your look.  Consulting in a stylist can really help you find the right style.


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