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Boca Raton Just Got Sizzling Hot with Salon Sora Styles for Holiday Season

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Blonde-hair-colour-ideas-2013This holiday season you can rest assure we’ll be busy lobbing and bobbing with haircuts that are sizzling hot throughout the rest of 2016. By the same token, our stylist’s scissors have all been sharpened to give you a look that will ‘wow’ friends and family all the way to the New Year.

Without delay, we’ve noticed that many of the cuts and colors have sustained across the fashion magazines. In fact, mermaid color is one style that has continued to evolve regardless of age. Women in their 60’s plus are sporting the pastels added to their locks of platinum and gray. For older ladies, this is a terrific way to bring back your youth that will leave your grandkids thinking you’re super cool! We’ve got just the right pink or lavender to add some sparkle to your updo or any cut.

As long as time has gone by the bob cut seems to have found itself a favorite past time. This cut is excellent for people looking to transition from long to shorter without drastically changing. On the flip side, bobs can be alternative cuts for wanting a change without too much commitment. This hairstyle is super easy for growing out. These reasons could be why the popularity of the haircut has never really left.

By the same token, the Lob is a newer version of the Bob with longer layers and this holiday season many people are trying variations of the long-tasseled look with a nice thick bang. As a matter of fact, bangs can be managed very easily and with long beachy layers, they can give you a whole new appearance. Nonetheless, try out a wispy or blunt bang that will turn heads during your holiday shopping in Boca Raton.

Super long, super straight and super-duper beautiful are what you call classic cuts. For those of you who want to keep your hair long remember a good hair treatment like keratin or one of our other straighteners can clean up those flyways. The smoother, the better to give your hair the youthful and healthy appeal.

In the same fashion these styles are closing out the 2016 year, we recommend working closely with your hairdresser for any of your styling needs. Don’t forget to book your appointment’s early as the salon is busy this time of year.

We’ll see you soon!

Psyching Yourself Out to Go Short

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short hair style boca ratonIf you’ve had long hair your entire life and you get the notion to have your hairstylist whack it all off. STOP! Drastic changes like that can take time getting comfortable. The biggest hurdle is it can take up to 2-3 years before it all grows back. In this blog, we tell you the Salon Sora secrets to psyching yourself out to love your short tresses for the long haul.

Before you have your stylist sharpen his/her, scissors get a full consultation. Show a ton of pictures, (find them on Pinterest) ask other people what they like about having short hair. By speaking to someone who’s taken the plunge or in some cases nose dive before you get it done, you can start to put yourself in the right mindset to having a pixie cut.

Face the facts; not everyone looks good with shorter hair. If you love styles like Rockstar Pink’s or Miley Cyrus hair, be forewarned this cut doesn’t always cut it. (no pun, really) There are apps out there that can help you envision how you would look but these are rather tedious and not realistic in most cases.

Another way to determine if you can pull off a shorter look is to try a wig! Yes, go to the wig store. Now imagine if you couldn’t change this same style for months or years. If you’ve tried a wig and love it, chances are you’re a good candidate for a change. If you put it on and it looks downright awful, don’t blame the wig. It may just not be for you.

Nonetheless, speak to your significant other asking them if they’re a fan of shorter versus longer. Believe it or not, trying on a super change on a whim, can cause issues.

Try getting a little taken off, but, not go boy cut right out the gate. Start gradually. Although having a shorter cut can be versatile, having a lobed Bob may limit what you can do with your hair. When you live in a state like Florida or a place such as Boca, your need to wear your hair for the weather. Depending on the type of hair you have, longer might be easier to deal with in hot, tropical, misty, rainy and scorching hot days.

If you worship your ponytail, then we would suggest starting with a slight cut and not extreme. You might be surprised how much you’ll miss having the ability to pull your hair back. Shorter hair can mean shoulder length and up. But, once it is gone, the next step is to wait.

One sure thing is, it’s not permanent. Hair always grows back. Who knows, you might just need a fresh color rather than an entire cut. Speak to your stylist for more information on what would look best.

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Salon Sora’s Seal or No Deal Concealer Techniques

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make up salon boca ratonTen years ago make-up and cosmetologists may have disagreed with this theory. They used to claim concealer was only good for covering dark circles and flaws. Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Gigi Hadid maybe sporting fresh faces, but, one thing is for sure, they aren’t afraid of using concealer for more than covering a zit. In this week’s blog, we’ll share Salon Sora’s secret weapon techniques for using a concealer that you’ll love.

First some simple tools:

•    Complexion Sponges in a variety of shapes
•    Buffing Brush
•    Angle Brush
•    Highlight Brush
•    Blending Brush
•    Boo-Boo Cover-up
•    Wonder Pencil by NYX
•    2-tubes of Concealer, one slightly darker than your skin tone and one lighter


While it’s not 100% necessary to have these brushes, we find that a nice variety of brushes can make the application more even and last longer. Your concealer will stretch further as well.

1.    Start with your moisturizer. Let it soak into the skin for up to 1-minute before applying any make-up.
2.    Next, use your Wonder Pencil and cover any sun spots or flaws. Depending on how dark these marks are, will depend on how much you may need to put on. Work from the center out.
3.    Powder these areas to set in.
4.    Now use your highlighting concealer (lighter than skin) apply to eyelids and inner and outer corners. Blend well.
5.    Use concealer below the eyes. This should be in the shape of a V and extends down to the tip of the nose. The old way was to cover bags only making people have the raccoon effect. Blend with your buffing brush. The closer to the eyelash line uses your finger to blend.
6.    Once you have done under your eyes, apply lighter concealer on the eyebrow bone. Lightest color above the eyebrows and below the eyebrow as a highlighter. Blend, blend, blend.
7.    You can achieve a thinner looking nose by using the concealer down the middle of the nose; this also works well on the top of your chin.
8.    Boo-Boo cream can be placed over flaws or used under the eyes. What we like about this ultra-concealer is it lasts long even during humid weather.
9.    If you want to make your lips stand out and keep your lipstick from bleeding through, line you lips with the Wonder Pencil, then use your blending brush to soften. This is excellent for people with smoker’s lines.

Once you’ve applied concealer, finish and set it with a dusting powder. Your skin will look young and refreshed. A little lipstick and mascara and you’ve got the super-sexy Salon Sora secret weapon.


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